About Us

'From the Paddock' is owned and operated by us, Stuart Knox and Terrie Wallace. Our grass fed lamb and beef is proudly produced at Umbiella, a beautiful grazing property on the edge of the Wollemi National Park in NSW.

The Knox family are fifth generation farmers with a passion for regenerative agriculture. Stuart has spent most of his life on the land, Terrie is still considered a newcomer after over a decade in the Capertee Valley. Together, they are transforming the landscape of Umbiella using regenerative farming techniques.  


From the Paddock Farm Market

It’s been a tough few years in the Bush. First the drought and then the Black Summer fires. The Gospers Mountain Blaze almost decimated the Wollemi National Park and came very close to engulfing the Capertee Valley. The effect on the community was profound. It brought everyone closer together and it also showed how much support there was for small country towns and communities.

Terrie came up with the idea to start a farm market, a way for visitors to connect with the local community and for customers in Sydney and beyond to buy their meat direct from the farmer.

From the Paddock grass fed lamb and beef is available online and in person at our farm market. We also welcome wholesale customers. Please contact us for further details.

From the Paddock Picnic

Drop into our Farm Market to pick up your lamb or beef pack. We also have a beautiful selection of local produce from the Capertee Valley and Rylstone to take home.

If you’d like to stay and explore Umbiella, we have picnic hampers to purchase. Bring your own rug and explore the surrounds or take one of our farm trails to meet the local animals.

Tag along driving farm tours are also available on Sundays from 11am.


From the Paddock Principles

All of the profits from the Farm Market help fund important landscape repair in the Capertee Valley.

Healthy soil

It all starts with the soil. We don’t use chemical sprays or synthetic fertilisers in our earth. Instead, we plant multi-species crops to allow the natural process to work its magic. The plants and micronutrients exchange sugars and trace elements resulting in carbon sequestration and no nasties in our food.


Water is a vital component to any farm. From the Paddock are implementing a series of rehydration projects, repairing eroded creeks and gullies, reinstating wetlands while rehydrating and building soil carbon the landscape.

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in biodiversity along the creeks and water ways. Many birds, insects and reptiles have returned. 

Holistic grazing

All livestock are free to roam and forage on a variety of pasture mixes. The stock are kept in large mobs and moved regularly to ensure the grasses on the farm are protected from over grazing. Low stress stock handling is an important skill on the farm, leaving the livestock happier and healthier.